We’ve invited hundreds of experts in the public and private sector to speak on a broad range of topics. They are excited to share their expertise and insights to a class, school or organization any time of the year. The speaker's bureau is part of our effort to bring environmental teach-ins to thousands of future environmental leaders and innovators. We're currently working with schools and universities, but anticipate that companies and non-profits will also use these resources for their environmental programming.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Speakers Bureau please contact us at info@earthdayny.org

People in Trees!
Yoni Stadlin
Eden Village Camp
538 2nd St, Apt. 3


(877) 397-3336

I lived for 2.5 months aloft in redwood trees that were slated to be chopped down and have a fun slide-show and presentation to share my experience with learners. The big idea is to motivate us to let our actions follow our beliefs.

Yoni Stadlin founded Eden Village Camp, a new Jewish environmental sleep away camp focusing on farming, outdoor adventure and spirituality, with his wife, Vivian Lehrer. He holds an M.A. in Informal Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and directed the 92nd Street Y's science and nature day camp for two years, where he garnered rave reviews from campers, parents and staff. He is a veteran educator for the Teva Learning Center, the leading Jewish environmental education program in the country. Yoni has taught Judaism and environmental justice internationally with the American Jewish World Service, taught environmental science from an educational sailboat on which he lived, co-organized earthquake relief trips to India and Turkey, and led Birthright Israel trips. In 1999 and 2006, Yoni spent several months living aloft in ancient redwood trees that were slated to be cut, as an environmental protection initiative.  Today, those trees are alive and well. Yoni has a natural gift for sharing his vision, leading raucous song sessions and connecting with people of all ages.

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

EJ and YOU
Ogonnaya Dotson

West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc
PO Box 1846
New York, NY 10027

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(347) 465-8483

Environmental Justice principles serve as a guide for environmental protection for all. Understanding the EJ framework can be crucial in understanding effective methods to address fundamental environmental concerns. This presentation will provide an introduction to the connections between the environmental and health; a history of environmental justice; and cover tools to address environmental injustices for the everyday person.

Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman joined WE ACT in April 2008 as the organization’s Environmental Health and Community-Based Research Coordinator. Prior to joining the WE ACT team, Ogonnaya worked at Loma Linda University’s School of Public Health as a Research Associate and Instructor. Born and raised in California to a family of community organizers and environmental activists, she learned at an early age the strong link between health and the environment. Her strong passion for linking social justice and science led to an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. She also holds an MPH with an emphasis on Environmental Health.

Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Humane Living
Meena Alagappan
PO Box 738
Mamaroneck, NY  10543

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 744-2504

HEART offers presentations relating to sustainability and agriculture. Through our lessons and direct, hands-on projects, participants will learn about the ways our individual and collective choices impact our environment, animals and other people, as well as action they can take to promote more humane and environmentally sustainable life choices. With decades of educational experience between them, HEART's instructors can tailor presentations to meet the needs and interests of your specific audience.

HEART's mission is to foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating youth and teachers in Humane Education. HEART believes that a student’s educational experience should not be limited to traditional teachings, but must also include enrichment instruction to motivate active learning and critical thinking. Children deserve to be provided with comprehensive instruction that will make them not only better students, but also better members of society. Our Humane Education Instructors offer programming for both teachers and students, free of cost, throughout New York City and Chicago.

 Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Go Go Green                                                
Tanille Edwards
FireFlies Entertainment
1077 North Ave.
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 561-1654


Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures TM: Go Go Green, is a step-by-step guide that teaches children how to participate in saving the environment. Go Go Green offers scientific information and applicable tips that make going “Green” easy and fun for children.

 Elementary School

Student Power                                                 
9 Murray Street
New York, NY  10007
Lschuster@nypirg.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(212) 349-6460



NYPIRG's motto is "building student power," and that will be the focus of our workshop - to empower young people and students across the state with the knowledge and tools to advocate for change in environmental policy at the local, state, and national level. We will provide the students with a background in climate science that is accessible to them and then help them to think of ways to make an impact locally and globally.

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is New York State's largest student-directed consumer, environmental and government reform organization. We are a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group established to effect policy reforms while training students and other New Yorkers to be advocates. Since 1973, NYPIRG has played the key role in fighting for more than 120 public interest laws and executive orders.

NYPIRG's 20 college campus chapters provide much of NYPIRG's energy, resources, and activism. Each campus chapter consists of full-time staff organizers and a large core of student volunteers. Students at NYPIRG chapters work on projects that both support NYPIRG's statewide agenda and focus on local issues.

NYPIRG's full-time staff works with students, produces studies on a wide array of topics, coordinates state campaigns and lobbies public officials.

In addition, NYPIRG's outreach program travels to communities across the state to educate and activate local residents on vital issues. NYPIRG's citizen membership exceeds 85,000 people from all parts of the state. These members give NYPIRG political clout and make our lobbying efforts successful.

Middle School, High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Wildflowers of NYC
Marielle Anzelone

NYC Wildflower Week  
200 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY  11215
(646) 244-9397
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need J

Discover the City’s 25,000 green acres—filled with majestic trees, wildflowers, grasses and ferns— the wild, unplanted thread in the Big Apple’s ecological fabric. Learn what makes a plant native and why local flora is important. Explore how life in the five boroughs means it’s not easy being green, characteristics of urban forests and threats to indigenous flora. We’ll also discuss what you can do, including how to go native in the garden.

Marielle Anzelone is a botanist, urban conservation biologist and native plant landscape designer. Her passion for urban flora spurred the founding of NYC Wildflower Week, an organization that connects New Yorkers to the 50,000 acres of nature in the 5 boroughs through free cultural programming. Prior to this, she was the Plant Ecologist for NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for nearly 7 years.

Middle School, High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

How Food Systems Impact Health & Environment
James Subudhi
WE ACT for Environmental Justice
1638 Amsterdam Avenue        
New York, NY 10031         

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(347) 465-8484

James will lead a workshop on how the food system impacts health and the environment.

James Subudhi is the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Food Justice and Sustainable Development at WE ACT for Environmental Justice. James directs WE ACT’s Food Justice Campaign, coordinates the community visioning process for the redevelopment of the 135th St. Marine Transfer Station, and organizes events at the West Harlem Piers Waterfront Park.

James began his environmental career interning for the Renewable Energy Alaska Project through the Alaska Conversation Foundation while earning his degree in Urban Studies from Eugene Lang College. After graduating from the Lang and before joining WE ACT in the fall of 2007, he worked on a small family organic farm in upstate New York, learning about the nuances of organic food production. His experiences farming—working with migrant laborers and managing a farmer’s market stand—inspired him to tackle the question of how to create equity in the food system.

Middle School, High School, Higher Education

Fermenting Food Waste                                               
Vandra Thorburn
Vokashi Kitchen Waste Solution
380 Classon Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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(718) 623-1911


Using the Japanese method of fermenting food waste called Bokashi, this unique startup company provides a composting service to households, small businesses and catering companies. Subscribers ferment their food waste and once a month Vokashi picks up buckets to add to composting sites in community gardens or urban farms, or plough into gardens as natural fertilizer.
We can demonstrate making the fermenting bran; we can lead composting demonstrations in gardens or backyards; we can provide 40 minute educational program.

Founder and president of Vokashi, Vandra Thorburn has been recycling food waste for nearly 10 years. Aware of the limits of traditional composting, finding this breakthrough method of fermenting food waste puts composting into new and modern and industrial light. The moment for massive food waste recycling has arrived.

Middle School, High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

How to Feed America                                       
Michael Paone
NYC Coalition Against Hunger
16 Beaver St., 3rd Fl.
New York, NY  10004

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 825-0028 ext. 215

My talk will explore one of the most longstanding dilemmas in American history: lack of access to food in the country with the greatest agricultural output ever. We will explore:

*What is food security? What is hunger?
*What social and agricultural policies address these issues?
*How have we traditionally dealt with these problems? What is food charity? Does it work?
*What is the way forward? What can we do to actually feed ourselves?

 Michael Paone is a community organizer with NYCCAH. He coordinates the Community Action Boards (CABs) program which engages low-income New Yorkers in public policy advocacy and other organizing efforts to increase the food security of their neighborhoods, the city, and beyond.

Michael formerly served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA, developing and organizing food programs in Central Brooklyn. He was the first recipient of the Craig Murphey Fellowship, under which he organized a grassroots network of food providers in West Harlem. He holds a B.A. from Boston University where he studied sociology and philosophy

High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Community Activism
Sybil Sanchez
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
116 East 27th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10016

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 684-2513

Discuss Jewish community and interfaith activism to address global climate change and energy policy. How we work together to make change politically and in terms of how we live our lives.

Sybil Sanchez is the director of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, a leading Jewish environmental organization focused on galvanizing Jewish communal organizations and individuals to combat global climate change through the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign. Sybil serves in the Bronx on the Greenfaith Committee of Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel Riverdale, the first congregation in New York to participate in the Greenfaith Certification program, which focuses on greening houses of worship.

High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

NY Harbor Waterfront
Cortney Worrall
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
241 Water St. 
New York, NY 10038             
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 935-9831 ext.106

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance offers insightful, innovative ideas for the future of our waterfront at a time when critical land use, regulatory, and environmental decisions are being made. This presentation is more suitable for upper level high school students (11-12) and graduate students.

Feel free to contact Yana Kupava to schedule the Earth Day teach-in via the contact information.

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is the voice of nearly 400 organizations with ties to our regional waterways. Together we are working to transform the waters of New York and New Jersey Harbor into clean and accessible places to learn, work and play, with inviting parks, dependable jobs and reliable, eco-friendly transportation for all.

High School, Higher Education

ECO-BAGS Products

Sharon Rowe
Eco-Bags Producs, Inc
23-25 Spring Street
Ossing, NY 10562
http://www.ecobags.com (914) 944-4556 x 101

Eco-Bags Products, Inc was founded in 1989 in Washington Heights, NY because Sharon and Blake Rowe wanted to stop using plastic bags! Twenty years later ECOBAGS is recognized brand and thought leader in the world of "going green." Eco-Bags has been featured in Time Magazine, Oprah, QVC, Women's Day and more.

ECOBAGS will lead a conversations in your classroom about waste reduction and social involvement.

Sharon Rowe is the CEO and Founder of Eco-Bags Products. She started with a simple idea and a movement took hold. She believes that simple ideas and simple actions can bring about great change. Her company has always been at the forefront with a sustainable message, responsible materials and labor. Rowe has been featured in Time Magazine, honored in Glamour Magazine and named Entrepreneur of the Year for Westchester County in 2008.

High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Vote For The Planet                                                
Joshua Klainberg
New York League of Conservation Voters (NYLCV)
|30 Broad Street - 30th Floor
New York, NY 10004

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 361-6350 x 207

NYLCV is a non-partisan, policy making and political action organization that works to make environmental protection a top priority with elected officials, decision-makers and the voters by evaluating incumbent performance and endorsing and electing environmental leaders to office in New York State.

We're different from other environmental groups because we:

*Educate candidates about key issues the public is concerned about
*Evaluate the performance of elected officials
*Endorse and Elect the most capable candidates for local, state and federal office

A native of Manhasset, NY, Joshua joined the NYLCV as a volunteer in the fall of 1995 and was hired as Political Director in January 1996. In 2005, he was promoted as the organization's first-ever Deputy Director.
As Deputy Director, Joshua oversees all political aspects of NYLCV's candidate education, evaluation, endorsement and election activities. Over the years, he has worked on message development, lobbying, advocacy and electoral campaigns on behalf of state and local legislation, budgets, ballot initiatives as well as NYLCV's endorsed candidates.

Prior to joining NYLCV, he worked on several local, state and federal campaigns in Nassau County, including: Thomas DiNapoli, Jon Kaiman, and May Newberger.  Joshua has a strong passion for service-learning which was inculcated in him during stints in the American Legion's Boys' State program as well as the inaugural class of President Clinton's AmeriCorps*NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps).

High School, Higher Education

Watershed Protection
Craig Michaels
Riverkeeper, Inc.
78 North Broadway, E-House
New York, NY 10603

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(914) 422-4410

Craig will speak about NYC's unfiltered drinking water supply and the current threats to this invaluable resource which include the prospect of industrial gas drilling within the Watershed.

Craig Michaels manages all aspects of Riverkeeper’s Watershed Program, which uses public education, advocacy, and litigation in order to enforce environmental laws and protect the unfiltered drinking water supply for 9 million New Yorkers. Mr. Michaels returned to Riverkeeper in 2007 and as the NYC Investigator for Riverkeeper’s Hudson River program. Mr. Michaels previously worked at Riverkeeper for three years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator before entering law school. In 2007, he received his J.D. and Environmental Law Certificate from Pace Law School, where he interned for one year at the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic. Prior to interning for the Environmental Litigation Clinic, Mr. Michaels served as a Legal Aide in the Litigation Bureau at the Office of the New York State Attorney General. Mr. Michaels holds a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan.

High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Environmental Advocacy                                         
Simon Delekta
NY League of Conservation Voters
30 Broad Street, 30 FL
New York, NY 10004

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 361-6350 x205

Ability to speak about the connection between civic participation and the fight against climate change in New York State - from community engagement in specific regions to tracking government progress at the state and local level.

Simon Delekta joined NYLCV in January 2008 as Director of Voter Education and Civic Engagement. Prior to joining the League, Simon worked in Government Affairs for The New York Public Library. He holds a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Bates College.

High School, Higher Education

Changing the World
Harriet Shugarman
Climate Mama

205 Zachary Ct, Suite 101
(201) 906-2675                                                              

Using Al Gore's Climate Project Presentation as a jumping off point, Harriet will show College/High School Students how they can "change the world" and help in the fight against climate change.

A similar presentation is also available to Parents, PTO @ NGO groups

 Harriet Shugarman is the Executive Director and Founder of Climate Mama, an online climate change education and advocacy organization targeted at parents of all ages. Harriet is also one of the first 1000 individuals from around the world chosen to train with Al Gore and the Climate Project to present information to grassroots organizations on Climate Change. Harriet serves as the Assistant District Manager for The Climate Project in the metro NYC area. Harriet is an economist and spent 13 years at the United Nations in New York as a representative for the International Monetary Fund. Most importantly Harriet is a mother to two children, and believes strongly that "we didn't inherit the earth from our ancestors, but are borrowing it from our children!"

High School, Higher Education

Green Mapmaking
Wendy Brawer
Green Map System
220A East 4th

New York, NY 10009
web@greenmap.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view ithttp://GreenMap.org
(212) 674 1631

 Find out how your classroom, club, community group or CSR program can use Green Mapmaking to help people connect with nearby green living resources, nature and culture!

Explore the Green Maps already created in NYC at http://GreenAppleMap.org (check the Allied Maps section for school projects). The global website includes projects created by young people at http://GreenMap.org/youth. Find CSR projects at http://GreenMap.org/csr

This sustainability communications project is a great way to make Earth Day everyday! Green Maps can be about themes (low-carbon economy, gardens or heritage sites), neighborhoods or facilities.

 Wendy Brawer is Green Map System's founding director and has provided workshops and talks to many different kinds of groups, locally and globally since 1995.

High School, Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Healthy Living                                                       
Limas Forte
WE ACT for Environmental Justice
1638 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10031

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(347) 465-8491

Healthy Homes Issues, including: Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention/Local Law 1 of 2004; Mold; Bed Bugs, Integrated Pest Management.

 Limas Forte is the Senior Community Organizer/Outreach Coordinator. In this capacity, he devotes his time and energy to promoting healthy communities and quality living conditions for New Yorkers who reside in public housing. As an accomplished housing professional, Limas has acquired exceptional skills in property management and policy analysis. He is primarily responsible for engaging the community in an effort to increase public awareness about childhood lead-paint poisoning prevention initiatives.

As a Trainer and Public Speaker, Limas conducts public outreach seminars in targeted communities to educate, empower and provide public housing residents with the knowledge, skill and ability to recognize potential or existing lead-paint hazards. In addition, he disseminates literature and provides training opportunities at numerous community-based organizations on how to effectively handle deplorable living conditions that adversely affect the health of residents such as; Mold and mildew; Bed Bugs; Rats and roaches, and other Asthma triggers, and report them to owners or public health and housing officials.

To maximize his outreach activities which also include advertising, media relations and events, Limas directs a team of community partnerships that define a common agenda for community awareness; responsible for community impact planning, capacity building, advocacy and education. Prior to WE ACT, Limas worked at the New York City Housing Preservation and Development agency as the Senior Management Trainer for their Housing Education Services division. He has taught a variety of courses to tenants, owners and contractors on topics such as building maintenance, lead paint legislation and EPA courses in lead paint remediation and abatement.

Accordingly, Limas continues to play a vital role in educating the community. He earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Morehouse College, and his Master’s degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University. He has also attained several professional certifications from HUD, EPA, and HPD; currently a Lead-Based Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor.

Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Clean Air NY
Jessica Horne
Clean Air NY
116 John Street, Suite 800
New York, NY 10038

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(646) 695-8176

 Clean Air NY’s dynamic presentation explains the following:

1. The causes of poor air quality in the New York metro area.
2. How the region’s poor air quality affects every New Yorker’s health, especially people with asthma, children, and the elderly.
3. Air Quality Action Days (AQAD) are days when the air quality is especially poor in the area and usually occur during the summer months.
4. When an individual, employer, or community organization joins the Clean Air NY network, they receive an e-mail or text message update the day before an AQAD.
5. Specific actions that every individual can do to help improve the air quality on AQAD and year round.

Clean Air NY has made this presentation to dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals in the New York area. To date, Clean Air NY has almost 7,000 individual partners, 5,000 businesses, and close to 100 community organizations.

Jessica Horne, Clean Air NY's Marketing and Outreach Associate, has presented to dozens of businesses, organizations and schools - sharing information on how we can all help improve air quality in the NY metro region.

Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

From Cancer Alley to Your University
Lois Gibbs
Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ)
9 Murray St. 3rd Fl
New York, NY 10007

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 964-3680

Lois Gibbs, founder of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ), is launching a statewide speaking tour of NY colleges this April. Lois founded CHEJ after winning the nation's first community relocation of 900 families due to a leaking toxic waste dump in Love Canal (Niagara Falls), New York.

Lois is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. On the tour she'll be discussing how her experiences at Love Canal connect with CHEJ's new PVC-free schools campaign. Learn about PVC, the most toxic plastic for our health and environment. Find out how the PVC industry is poisoning environmental justice communities in Louisiana, and where PVC may be hiding on your campus. Learn how chemicals such as phthalates and Dioxins are released by PVC and are linked to breast cancer, reproductive health problems, asthma, and learning disabilities. Find out how you can kick PVC off your campus by starting a new PVC-Free Schools Campaign at your University and stand in solidarity with environmental justice communities impacted by PVC's toxic lifecycle.

Lois is available as a featured speaker for events and also for one-on-one strategy sessions with student activist groups interested in starting a PVC-free schools campaign. On tour, Lois will be releasing CHEJ's new student activist toolkit. Accompanying Lois on the tour will be Betty the Be Safe Ducky, an inflatable 25-foot rubber ducky that's been making headlines coast to coast in support of a PVC-free and toxic-free future. The ducky can be inflated outside your University the day of the event to help publicize an evening speaking event (see photos of the ducky here: http://www.besafenet.com/pvc/duck.htm).

Higher Education

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources for New York City
Diana Pangestu
Solar One
37 W. 26th St. Suite 209
New York, NY 10010

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(212) 785-0734

Solar One is New York City’s pre-eminent green energy, arts, and education non-for-profit. Our mission is to educate and encourage all New Yorkers to live sustainably. We are also contractors for NYSERDA's Energy $mart Communities Program.

NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research Development Authority, is a public benefit corporation established by law in 1975. NYSERDA'S Energy $mart Communities Program, under marketing and economic development, provides information and support to individuals and businesses interested in energy efficiency and alternative energy. The program also encourages decision makers and community members to adopt energy efficiency as a means of economic and community growth.

Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Environmental Entrepreneurism
Stefan Doering
BEST Coaches, Inc.
140 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Informative workshop of how small businesses can go green and become sustainable including in areas such as marketing, sales, branding, fundraising, product development, strategies, and team building.

Stefan is an instructor at Columbia University's Center for Environmental Research and Education where he teaches Environmental Entrepreneurism. He also started one of country's first green retail stores in the US in 1991 and grew it to one of the largest.  Since then has started and run 4 other businesses and teaches, consults and coaches almost 2,000 businesses in 13 countries.

Higher Education, Non-Profit/Corporate

Chief N4Mer
Steve Finkelstein
300 Garden City Plaza, #150
Garden City, NY 11530

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(516) 375-8492


N4MU (pronounced 'inform-you')broadcasts information to handhelds and computers. Instantly and paper-free. For businesses, events and services.

N4MU is the cure for the brochure.

 Keep in touch with customers, prospects and audiences.

Tell them what you do, sell or have going on. Instantly.

Accessible by handheld or computer. No app required. Works with Blackberry, iphone, or any email ready device.

N4MU can:
(1) streamline and increase effectiveness of marketing and advertising budgets.
(2) create and form advertising networks between other local N4MU Subscribers.
(3) add a ‘green’ and eco-friendly component to your operations.
(4) provide tools to develop visuals and signage and impact your exposure, sales and service.


How the Largest Hotel in NYC is Going Green
Jason Tresh

Hilton New York
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

 The talk  will educate students on how the largest hotel in NYC is making efforts to become more sustainable.

Jason Tresh - 20 year Hospitality professional - Graduate of Johnson & Wales University. Bachelors Hotel Management.  He has worked for major branded and independent hotels. Currently heads up all sustainability efforts at the Hilton NYC, the largest hotel in NYC.